Almond Roca

On a heavy piece of cardstock with blue flowers printed on them. Start of the recipe is on the back of the card, with the end of the recipe on the front. Recipe is attributed to Chris Mulcahey. This recipe came from a recipe box obtained at a Richardson, Tx estate sale on 3/23/2017.

  • 1 large 1-lb Hershey choc bar grated fine
  • 9 oz. finely chopped almonds

Combine first two ingredients and spread 1/2 of this mixture on a cookie sheet. Reserve other half for top.

Over low heat melt 1 lb butter and 2 cups sugar and pinch of salt. Boil until 300Β°, stirring all the time. Pour over choc. and nuts and sprinkle remaining choc. and nuts over all. Cover with foil and wrap in heavy towels until cool. Once you start pouring, you must work quickly. Move pan in a flowing back and forth motion over choc. and nuts as you cannot spread or push it around.


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